September 2017

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Dear Colleague,

You may have heard about psychological experiments such as the Stanford Prison Experiment or Milgram’s Shock Study, but have you ever thought about what the results can teach leaders in the workplace?

What 5 Classic Psychological Experiments Can Teach Workplace Leaders,” written by Ric Kelly in Entrepreneur Magazine, examines just this question. Three of these studies – and what leaders can learn from each – are summarized below.

1.) The Stanford Prison Experiment demonstrated the situational component of human behavior and how people quickly conform, even to negative roles that clash with their personal morals.

What can leaders learn? Leaders set the culture and environment – a constructive and harmonious environment is best for engagement and productivity.

2.) The Piano Staircase Experiment displayed how when given a choice between musical stairs and an escalator, 66% of commuters took the stairs.

What can leaders learn? Leaders should create a fun environment that ignites productivity and increases engagement.

3.) Milgram’s Shock Study, though very unethical, exemplified how people abandon their own personal ethics and morals in submissiveness to authority.

What can leaders learn? Leaders need to be aware of how power and authority affects the workplace.

Psychology is a worthy resource for understanding different patterns of human behavior in the work place. At the Anderson Center, we offer many forums that focus on developing leadership skills. Two of these upcoming forums are the Supervisors Forum and the Governance Forum:

  • Supervisors Forum: This forum is designed for supervisors who want to enhance their supervisory skills to be more effective leaders of other people. Participants learn skills surrounding leading others, setting performance expectations, facilitating difficult conversations and more.
  • Governance Forum: Intended for members of boards of directors, boards of trustees, boards of advisors or CEOs who desire improving the performance and effectiveness of both individual directors and boards as a whole.

You and your colleagues are welcome to join us at any of our upcoming forums.

Please call me at 320.251.5420, or email me if you have any questions or would like to learn more about our upcoming forums.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Emily Heying
Client Coordinator



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